Work At Home Online Jobs Be Your Own Boss

Work At Home Online Jobs Be Your Own Boss

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Work At Home Online Jobs Be Your Own Boss

Did you ever watch the movie Shakes the Clown? Wow, cinematic brilliance. Im a big fan. At least I was when I was in college; and it was pretty much par for the course to have a living room full friends that seemed the walking dead or the people on a public service announcement commercial than they did Americas leaders of tomorrow. And really not much has changed, so Im sure Im still down. Where Im going with this is that even within the clown community there is a certain hierarchy within which you can be the kicker or the kickee. It makes me think that theres really no community of (sub)culture that isnt organized with this egalitarian antithetical ultimate end. Its unfortunate to be sure. God, even the Bolsheviks couldnt resist their urge to prioritize.

Well, that leaves you with a choice. Where do you want to position yourself? A party clown or a mime? When it comes to working at home, the dilemma remains, but the strata fluidity puts socialist utopian fantasies to shame. Its just a matter of decision and taking the appropriate steps. You can just as easily have a work at home internet job as you can have a work at home job of selling tiny, plastic Christmas knickknacks all year round.

Its pretty clear where you want to be. First off, theres the reality that this is a job that youre going to have to do everyday and deal with whatever enjoyment or drudgery the position brings. And second though, you will inevitably meet others out there that also bring home the bacon in the comfort of their own squalor. At this point you will find yourself kicking or being kicked, probably more mentally than physically. Clearly the work at home internet job will offer social status that the other work at home jobs simply cant compete with.

Hierarchies are inherently problematic and unjust, but while theyre here and while youre working at home, get the internet job, condescend to all other work at homers and soak up the luxuries that only a party clown can understand.

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